Friday, October 17, 2014

Warm Autumn Wishes

Hey there, blog friends!!  So, I thought I was going to create & post a card each day this week...but I ended up practicing my watercolor skills instead.  Traditional art has never come easy for me.  I can push paper & layers of embellishments around a card base & stamp like a pro....but I've never been good at the things you would do in an art class.  I actually dreaded art class in school.  When I was little, a girl that my grandma used to watch some afternoons (along with me) would make fun of the fact that I couldn't draw a heart very well.  I was really good at pretty much all subjects in school, except for art.  I never felt confident that my projects were good enough, and I actually grew up thinking that I wasn't creative.  At all.  Friends, I am a professional photographer & I've been in the paper crafting industry for a really long time!!  It's crazy to me now that I didn't consider myself a creative person until I became an adult.

There are just so many amazing artistic things that can be added to paper crafting, and I decided that I really want to start learning them!!  So- I am going through some online classes that I should have done ages ago, and am having a wonderful time.  It still isn't easy for me...painting does not come natural to me.  But I am enjoying the process so far, and I did a watercolor background with a stencil that I am actually really proud of.  It took me A LOT of tries getting it to!  This card also has a preview of a couple things that will be releasing from Winnie & Walter at the end of the month...I'm keeping my lips sealed as to what they are, but you can take a guess if you'd like! :)
I created this card with quite a few challenges in mind.  I used the Cardabilities Sketch #109 as the start to my design.  I added a bit to the bottom & changed the sentiment location, but it still resembles the sketch pretty well!  The Tag You're It #8 inspiration challenge had a cute fall themed tag in the lower right corner, so I brought that same type of element into my card.  A Blog Named Hero #54 is challenging us to use something recycled on their project...and I actually reused the paper my watercolor background was done on....I had tried something else on the other side & didn't like it.  In order to not be wasteful, I let it dry & tried again on the other side.  That time it worked for me!  Plus, the button is from an old top that had been it couldn't go to the donation pile.  I liked the buttons, so I salvaged them before tossing it!!  Simon Says Stamp & Show Monday is all about using the letter O this week, and I chose to use October & a fall theme!  And last but definitely not least, Word Art Wednesday #154 is anything goes, and I really just like sharing my projects over there! :)

So, on Monday I talked about how I've been thinking about renewal a lot lately, & things that I want to renew in my own life.  I talked about health first...and I am happy to say that I've done really well this week.  I worked out every single day except for today (I'm not feeling very well today, and I have to shoot a wedding all day I figured being low key today would be better.  I'm going to make up for missing today on Sunday!), drank a lot of water, & we mostly ate at home.  We went out to lunch a couple of times, but picked healthier options & no fast food.

Tonight I want to talk a little about what I'm doing in my crafty life.  I talked a lot about it at the beginning of the post....I'm learning new things & having a fun time doing it!!  I'm going to start taking more online classes in order to push myself & prompt myself to create I think it will just be fun to connect with other crafters while working on the same things.  I'm enjoying spending more time at my desk, and loving the new product that I've been getting from my creative teams.

I also made a really hard decision about 2 months ago.  I completely stepped down from Glitz Design.  I'm not longer the creative team coordinator/blogger/etc...and it feels like a weight has been lifted off of me.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVED the creative team.  They were a group of amazing women & crafters...& they created killer projects.  But, I didn't love the way the company started going after the change in ownership.  And because I felt like that, I knew it was time for me to bow out.  I look forward to the new adventures I have ahead of me in the paper crafting industry, and am feeling super inspired lately.

That is all I have for you tonight...I hope you enjoyed my card & my post!!  Let me know if you have any questions at all...I'm always more than willing to answer.

Until later,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sufficient Grace

Happy Monday, blog friends!  I hope that you are having a great start to your week. Lately I've had renewal on my mind a lot.  Which is a little odd, because that is normally more of a spring thing.  But with the change of the season, as nature around us begins its journey to hibernation....I realize that I'm kind-of on the same path.  Another long, cold winter is ahead of me, and I will be the first to admit it is not my favorite season.  But I really need it to not get the best of me.  So each day this week I am going to share how I am renewing the different areas of my life.

Today I am going to talk a little about the health side.  Here are some things that I am doing to get myself healthier & feel better about myself.
  • I'm trying to drink my weight in ounces of water per doesn't always happen, but I'm at least striving for it.  :)  And, once I lose about 10-15 will be so much easier.  Lol!  
  •  I started doing Oula (it's a dance fitness that I LOVE) online again, and my plan is to do it every Monday-Friday, then take off the weekends to rest & relax with my hubby.  But, I'm not going to beat myself up if some weeks I only get in 3-4 workouts...that is where I fail.  I have to remain positive with myself, & not get down if I miss a mark or slip up.  
  • We have made a resolution to start cooking & eating more at home again.  This summer was full of eating out, quick meals, etc...& I kind-of hate that.  Josh is an excellent cook, and I'm not too bad myself.  We mostly eat really fresh & unprocessed food when we cook for ourselves, and that is what we are getting back to.  
  • This time of year is when I like to start baking again, & I'm okay with that.  I am going to look for healthier recipes for some of my faves, but when I really want pumpkin cake with honey cream cheese frosting....I'm making it!  I'm just going to make sure there are plenty of people to share it with so I don't eat the whole thing myself.
Thanks for hanging with me as I post some personal stuff!  If you have any thoughts on my health renewal or you want to be a renewal buddy with me...feel free to share them with me in the comments!  Now...I'm assuming you might like to see a card?  Well, I've got a really feminine  & pretty one to share with you today!!
I made this for my cousin who just lost her dad this past weekend.  We have been really close our whole lives, so I wanted to send her something that is really personal & beautiful...something that would at least try to portray how much I am feeling for her right now.  I hope that it does that...I hope that it shows a little bit of my heart.  When we were kids, she lived in Montana & I lived in Arizona.  We wrote letters to each other quite often, and in those letters we talked about any & everything.  So, I think I'll include a letter with this card as well.  It just seems fitting.

I pulled out the "Pretty Things" collection from the My Mind's Eye Record It! release earlier this year...the weathered woodgrain & flowers were exactly what I wanted for this card.  I've paired them with some older Prima Marketing flowers & wood button.  I've combined stamps from Verve & Papertrey Ink for the sentiment...most everything will be linked below.

I used the Viva la Verve October week 1 sketch to start my design, and just switched a couple elements at the bottom to flow better with the flowers.  This month's challenge at House of Cards is to use punches &/or dies, and I've used three different butterfly dies & a banner die on this card.  They are all about defining the style of your card...and I feel like this card fits the classic & elegant style, although some might say it is shabby.  What do you think?  I also wanted to link it up at Word Art Wednesday #153, which are always "anything goes".  Since my card uses a Bible verse on it, I really wanted to share it over there.

I know that this supply list isn't totally complete.  All of the flowers & the wooden button are from Prima Marketing, but they are all at least over a year old.  I don't keep any of them in their packaging, so I don't know the names, etc.  If you want to replicate my card, there are lots of beautiful flowers & buttons out there that you can substitute for what I've used. :)

That is all that I have for you this evening.  I hope you have a great night!!  Thanks for letting me share my heart a little bit.

Until later,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Special Delivery

Happy Sunday, blog friends!  I hope this post finds you having a great end to your weekend.  I have a little bit of a heavy heart today.  As we were walking to our car from church this morning, I checked my phone to find that my cousins' dad had unexpectedly passed away.  He was a nice man with a very quiet & gentle spirit.  I am hurting for my cousins right now, & wish that I could give them the biggest hug ever and just cry with them.  This is one of those things that makes it really hard being so far away from my home in Montana - I can't just jump in my car & drive the 45 minutes that it once was to be with them.

I find myself in need of some sympathy cards, and after writing this blog post I will gather my supplies & get started.  But, I created this card first.  I needed a little pink in my life...I needed to celebrate life first.  So I created this uniquely sweet baby card.
I was so inspired by today's Sunday Sketch at Studio Calico, & used it as the base of my design.  I used the colors (pink, cream, gold) from Cupcake Inspiration #282.  If I am ever blessed with a daughter, these are absolutely the colors that I will use for her nursery...I think that is why I picked them for a baby card!  And lastly, the current challenge at A Blog Named Hero (#53) is to stretch your stamps, & use them in a way the designer didn't intend.  These stamps are from the Studio Calico "Cuppa" card kit, and are more of a postal/mail I decided to instead use them for a baby. :)

I've combined products from Studio Calico & My Mind's Eye, and they will all be linked below.  Unfortunately...the kit is no longer available, but it is still linked so you can see all of the stamps in the stamp set.

I've been given an unexpected reminder today to tell the people in my life that I love them.  That Jesus loves them.  That they are worthwhile, & amazing, & beautiful.  Did you read that?  Because I am telling that to you, my blog readers as well.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  For viewing my craft & encouraging me & loving me back.  I appreciate you more than I could ever find the words to express.

Until later,